Art/Science Installations in Rennebohm Park
Madison Wisconsin, 2008-2016

2008 and 2014 - Geology
2009 - The Solar System
2010 - Anthropology
2011 - The Electromagnetic Spectrum
2012 - The Oxygen Atom
2016 - The Earth's Layers
Geological Timeline

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1. Geology, prepared in collaboration with the U.W. Geology Museum, 2008 and 2014.

4.5 billion years ago - Pre-Cambrian

2. The Solar System, prepared in collaboration with the U.W. Space Place, 2009

3. Anthropology, prepared in collaboration with the U.W. Zoology Department, 2010

4. The Electromagnetic Spectrum, 2011

Visible Light. This sign shows that we can see only radiation that is transmitted in this narrow band of Visible Light out of the entire electromagnetic spectrum which is displayed along ¼ mile of the park, from sound at 20 cycles per second (Hertz or Hz) to gamma rays at 3 x 1020 Hz.

5. The Oxygen Atom, prepared in collaboration with the U.W. Physics Department, 2012

The First Electron Ring - At the scale used in this exhibit, in which an oxygen atom covers ¼ mile, each electron would be less than an inch in diameter, about the size of a grape.

6. The Earth's Layers, 2016

The exhibit consisted of signs placed to represent the center of the earth,
the inner core, the outer core, the mantle, the crust, and the atmosphere.

7. Geological Timeline in Olbrich Park, 2022

8. Geological Timeline in Yahara Place Park, 2023