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John Nicholas ("Nick") Schweitzer is a retired attorney and law professor, playwright, amateur scientist, and "secular religious" person in Madison, Wisconsin.

As an Administrative Law Judge for the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing for 20 years he heard cases involving alleged unprofessional conduct by members of state-licensed professions, and as a Supreme Court Referee he heard cases involving alleged unprofessional conduct by attorneys. As an Adjunct Professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School for 10 years, he taught Professional Responsibility (Ethics) and Comparative Legal Systems.

As a Playwright, 13 of his full-length dramas and 8 shorter works have been produced, mostly by community theater groups in southern Wisconsin, but also in Austin, Texas. He is currently a member of Playwrights Ink in Madison and the Dramatists Guild.

As an amateur scientist, he has installed timelines and other temporary exhibits in local Madison parks; collaborated with the U.W. Space Place on Planet Trek Dane County, which is now a permanent installation; and presented a Science and Reason Booth at the Dane County Fair in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

As a "secular religious" person, he has been the President of the Free Congregation of Sauk County - a freethought society founded as a Freie Gemeinde by 19th-century German immigrants - and has sponsored an atheist-agnostic-humanist-skeptic-freethinker table at the Dane County Farmers Market.